Asphalt Xtreme roars into the App Store iOS

Gameloft launches this week the highly anticipated Asphalt Xtreme , a new title that leaves the bitumen for wild tracks of Thailand, Egypt, Svalbard and the Gobi Desert. Asphalt Xtreme Hack

The game includes 35 mechanical monsters which 7 cars all-terrain , all of which can be customized to leisure, body engine. Unlike the previous installment in the saga Asphalt , this new episode allows to move freely in levels, lack of road and where the only rule is to cross the finish line ahead of its competitors.

Asphalt Xtreme has 5 game modes, more than 400 career events, over 500 masters of challenges, time-limited events and the possibility of facing up to 8 players simultaneously in real time .

Asphalt Xtreme is available in a free download with in-app purchases. The game is translated into French, weighs 1GB and requires at least an iPhone 4s, iPad 2 or a 5th generation iPod touch with iOS 8.0.

Dawn of the Titans Generator Tips on Internet

Dawn of the Titans generator internet tips

Something Dawn of generator Titans tips on internet

What is the best way to hack Dawn of Titans your own browser? Use an online application Designed to it as Dawn of the Titans Generator Tips on Internet . This is the best developed by our team and it has many functionalities to prevent the ban and play safely while adding these premium items for free.

You can use it on Android or iOS as he set up the Facebook platform if the game is available. Now you can add Unlimited Gems directly from the underside of the tool.

Many players are grateful and use our app every day, but they learned something fundamental is not abused. In this way, we will enjoy long without being banned or patch. Dawn of titans gems hack

So take Dawn of Titans Online Hack Generator Tool for a spin and see how powerful is if you want to get free Gems to your account!

Dawn of the Titans generator functionalities tips on internet

Gems unlimited

Supported operating -Systeme – Android / iOS
-All supported browsers
-Windows Vista / 7/8 supported
free -Use for a time limit
-Free check for new updates
-Tested daily for errors and defects

How to use Dawn of generator Titans internet tips

1. Open your game on your browser / device and let it run. Also connect the USB cable to your device when using mobile devices.
2. Click the Connect button (Connect), after you have selected your system.
3. Select the desired amounts of Gems and click the Generate button (Generate).
4. Press the home button on your device, and then reopen the game. Refresh the game if you use the browser.
5. Effected! Enjoy the game!

Dawn of the Titans generator internet tips

CSR Racing 2: how to unlock the rarest cars?

For lovers of powerful cars, there is nothing more satisfying than owning rare and exceptional cars that cost a few million dollars in his garage. If billionaires have the opportunity to taste that feeling every day, we, we can also enjoy virtually with CSR Racing 2 Hack.

In this game you have the opportunity to get their hands on the cars that you can not even to touch in real life. For this, we must first start with the unlock. Here is the solution:

Enable the “Rare Import” tab

to access the rare imports, press the key icon that is in the second position from the left on the navigation menu of the game.
The key bronze is the most classic. It gives you the pieces, but no car. However, do not neglect it because unlike stars, this key issue gold coins every four hours.
Also note that most jackpots are found in key silver and gold. These allow access to rare cars and deliver gold coins every three to five stars. Thus, the more stars, the more mergers and your chance to win a rare car is optimized.
But what for key silver and gold?

Join a Top Crew

to win an opportunity to make a trip on a fantastic race car, join a first class team. Choose those that are likely to earn a lot of points of respect, the condition that can line up in the top 10 worldwide.

Play often and watch for openings in the strongest teams. You will probably need to submit an application for membership, but worth the effort.

FIFA 17 tricks, fouls, coins and more – Guide

With these tricks FIFA 17 you will learn to perform the so-called “safe goal” to dominate penalties, launches faults, to get more coins and get all the trophies. FIFA 17 Hack

The soccer game from EA Sports is already among us, and certainly more than one wants toget one hundred percent of the game and also know all its secrets. That ‘s what we’re here to collect the best tricks of FIFA 17 appeared so far, with guides to master every aspect of the field and to be able to get all the trophies.

FIFA 17 tricks and guides

Recently it discovered a trick of FIFA 17 that virtually assures score a goal forever, that we aregoing to count, but as we always say with this type of content is better not bear to practice to avoid further problems between the community, the end is better than all legally juguemos.

With the other elements that you can avail itself whatever you want, and we will teach you to throw penalties and mistakes as you want. Having changed the system, we understand that more than one is struggling to get used to these new systems shots.

We are going to also give some tips to get save more coins, which always come so well in the Ultimate Team game mode. With these tricks FIFA 17 you will obtain leverage over your time in the game to be profitable when get coins and save the maximum possible, which is not that it is a form too lenient for those who choose not to spend real money.


It is also important to master the faults of FIFA 17, which this year have changed again. We will not have the same devastating effect as penalties, but always good to know to master this feature of the game, which at any time can give us the victory. FIFA 17 hack cheats

As is the case with penalties, fouls FIFA 17 also allow you to change the starting position. As in the past, modifies depending on how you want to make the shot position. To find out what is the best decision, nothing better than knowing the footballer himself responsible for the lack.How much power do you have? How’s placement? Check out their stats and decide.

The shots are important and we can do it in different ways, in addition to normal. If we want to leave with effect, we hold the Circle button or B; if we want a powerful shot, hold down the L1 button or LB.

Get coins in FIFA 17

Another FIFA 17 tricks sure you want to know is which will allow us to better manage our time to get more coins to use in the Ultimate Team mode. Of course, there is no magic button or a combination that guarantees infinite money, unfortunately, but if you follow these tips conseguiréis more in less time.

To optimize your stay in the game and get more coins FIFA 17, follow these simple steps:

– Do not give any party, because even those who draws miss or give rewards for finishing.

– The seasons provide more money, so do not hesitate to play them.

– Use a coach for player contracts, rather than spend coins on them.

– Sell the players you do not use. It is no use having a lot of players who know you will not use. The same with objects.

FIFA 17 trophies

After learning the tricks of FIFA 17 and some tips and guides touch pass a fundamental aspect if you want to achieve one hundred percent title EA Sports: FIFA trophies 17. Here’s the full list your description, so you can get them all.

– Master of the game
Unlock all trophies (excluding DLC).

– Telepathic
Attends a goal with a pass between the lines.

– Slotted
Score a goal with a through ball.

– The Architect
satisfactorily Make 3 passes between the lines with the same player in the third of the rival camp.

– Can not believe you fell for That
marks a goal after a stop.

– 100%
Win a penalty shootout without fail.

– Offence Starts With the keeper

Score a goal with a counterattack has begun with a powerful kick the goalkeeper.

– Pure class

Brand direct free with the outside of the foot.

– Aerial Threat
Score a goal with a downward header.

– Sweet spot
With the ball in play, scored a goal from a distance (22.9 meters or more) with a defense.

– They did homework Their
Mark two corner goals in a match.

– Where’s the ball?
Score a goal after 10 consecutive passes to the third of rival camp.

– First Exchange
Complete the first challenge of creating templates in FIFA Ultimate Team.

– Grouped together

Complete the first set of challenges of creating templates in FIFA Ultimate Team.

– Trial of Power
Win 4 games FUT an online session Draft in FIFA Ultimate Team.

– Make it count!
Debut as or alternate, a player bought in the market FUT transferable.

– Practice Run
Win 4 games FUT session Draft for a player in FIFA Ultimate Team.

– Half a Century
Get a player to mark his 50th goal in the club in FIFA Ultimate Team.

– Friendship Endures
Win a season friendlies in FIFA Ultimate Team.

– Exchange student
card to a player on loan catalog EAS FC.

– The Science of FUT
Apply your first consumable Style FIFA Ultimate Team chemistry.

– Proving grounds
Challenge Team of the Week and complete a match against him in FIFA Ultimate Team.

– Champions
Win a division title in FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons.

– A shift in power …

Change your captain in FIFA Ultimate Team.

– Public Relations
Complete a target brand awareness in Career Mode.

– Positive cash flow
Complete a financial goal in Career Mode.

– Strategic planning
Complete a youth development goal in Career Mode.

– Show me your skills

Complete a multiplayer game of skill.

– I’ll take all the help I can get
Play for an entire game with FIFA Trainer information on.

– Here we go ..

Win a division title in online Face to Face Seasons (to be achieved by playing games).

– Fancy a Match?

Play a casual game in Pro Clubs.

– Still friends?

Finish a Season Friendly online.

– Just warming up
Complete and win your first league match in Pro Clubs Seasons.

– Upgraded!

Reverses a skill point in Pro Clubs.

– Team Spirit
Join a club with your Pro online and play your first match in Pro Clubs.

– Instant Karma
Regala an article in the catalog of EA SPORTS Football Club.

– Mine!
Purchase an item in the catalog of EA SPORTS Football Club.

– Game on
Play a women ‘s match.

– Best of the Best

Women Win the International Cup.

– Unstoppable

Score 5 goals in a women’s match.

– Got Flair?
Score a goal with a classy shot in a women ‘s match.

– Top of the Class
Complete all training exercises in a week with note A on El Camino (not simulate).

– Hard to get
Get a transfer value of £ 8,000,000 on the road.

– Social Media Star

Get 50,000 followers on the road.

– The best is yet to come

4 new cards to arrive Clash Royale: Ice Spirit, lanzarrocas, lumberjack and trunk

The guys Clash Royale just announced a new Sneak Peek on Twitter the new cards arrive Clash Royale in July and that it is possible to land in a couple of days · The big news is no doubt we have 4 new cards Clash Royale , ice spirit, lanzarrocas, lumberjack and a trunk . Do not forget that the July 4 we have an update , a balance of changes, but we have long been waiting for a new APK ·

These new cards are amazing · We have a normal letter, another epic and 2 legendary· We have long been waiting for these new cards and finally landing in the game · Let ‘s see if we cooling equipment and up trophies ·No not forget that the tournaments are about to arrive, along with a new arena, Pico Ice cream ·

So far little is known about these letters, because they just filtered into the Twitter account of @ClashRoyale ·

First as shown in the picture above, we have the spirit of ice (common) and lanzarrocas (Epic) · As you know, the first will be much easier to get that second · And the truth is that these spirits ice resemble the fire but in reverse, so that might be similar in all aspects · Clash Royale Hack

The letters  legendary , on the other hand … Clash Royale has taken 8 hours to announce them on Twitter (it has just half an hour ago) · Are the woodcutter and a kind of trunk with spikes , for now we do not know if “trunk” will be the accurate translation · But at any time know ·

We do not know how we get these letters arenas so now · But if you are in the legendary arena can get any · The spirit of ice looks like it will do in the new arena 8, the sand Pico ice cream ·

Will update soon with more information on these letters ·

Update (1): Elixir and characteristics of the new cards

  • Ice Spirit (1 elixir) · This spirit of ice is very cold, ideal to freeze any card that has fire·
  • Lanzarrocas (6 elixir) · will enjoy throwing giant rocks with this letter so strong, aims to be the favorite of many users of this update · I love and can not wait to have her on my deck, what we do is that being epic not get up very easily · It comes from Clash of Clans ·
  • Woodcutter (4 elixir) · The lumberjack goes to the tower and when he dies, pours trees · It is something like fury, because when I die, if we put strong cards distance behind (style 3 Musketeers) will be really crazy ·seems strong, it takes away enough life to the tower but not too much life · In this it resembles the mining ·
  • Trunk (2 elixir) · It is a spell · It’s amazing, because as you can imagine, a log will unfold across the board ravaging all cards are in the middle · With the little elixir you spend will certainly be a good alternative to have on our deck ·
How to get new cards
  • In the arena 8 , Pico Ice cream can get these 3 letters: ice spirit, lumberjack and lanzarrocas ·
  • On the beach 6 Trunk ·

By Cheap Surfstick mobile to the internet

Surfstick without a contract for occasional surfers

For those who have more irregular use the mobile Internet, a surf stick is recommended in combination with a prepaid daily flatrate without a contract. In a day-Flat you pay a flat fee and can then surf a day. For people who need to surf stick something regular, should opt for a monthly flat rate. With prepaid providers this increases generally, though enough credit is available. Otherwise, the flat rate shall automatically terminate.

Surf Stick with Contract for frequent surfers

For frequent surfers who want mobile almost daily seek and to download larger amounts of data, a Surfstick worth in combination with a term contract of six to 24 months. Vielsurfer should particularly pay attention to the restriction: Because of a certain volume of data, the browsing speed of many Mbit / s will be scaled down to a few kbit / s, so it’s over with the fast surfing experience. Who does not want to crawl at snail’s pace through the Internet, so it should be ensured that the restriction only applied for an, or better still picks up five gigabytes.

Compare Rates for Surfstick

A good overview in the tariff jungle offers a price comparison between all available providers and tariffs. Besides prepaid and flat-rate option, contract duration and speed can at the price comparison for mobile Internet also be set, which networks are to be used by the Surfstick: Vodafone, German Telekom, E-Plus or Telefónica Germany (formerly O2). Generally fall for Surfstick to time purchase costs, which are already included in the price comparison.

Internet speed with a surf stick

An attentive comparison shows that included in the tariff rates at which you can move around with a surf stick through the Internet, vary greatly. Ranging from cheap offerings with 3.6 Mbit / s to an LTE Surf Stick with up to 50 Mbit / s, anything is possible. It is important to know, however, that the details of the seller are maximum values, which can hardly be achieved with a surf stick in reality.

use the surf stick for Internet abroad

Who also go abroad with the Surfstick the Internet want, should be informed before departure about the costs. This can vary greatly depending on the tariff. Anyone who owns a surf stick, the Simlock- and Netlock-free, can get a prepaid SIM card, and low use of the local UMTS network in the holiday destination. In this way you can bypass even when traveling costly roaming charges and go on the internet with the Surfstick cost prepaid or flat-rate conditions.

How a Surfstick

A Surfstick very similar in appearance to a standard USB stick or wireless stick and also with respect to the components used are not dissimilar. Unlike a USB drive, however, is located inside a Surfstick no memory module but a small modem that connects to the mobile Internet. If you have inserted a SIM card into the surf stick, chooses this in the appropriate mobile network and enables data transfer.