By Cheap Surfstick mobile to the internet

Surfstick without a contract for occasional surfers

For those who have more irregular use the mobile Internet, a surf stick is recommended in combination with a prepaid daily flatrate without a contract. In a day-Flat you pay a flat fee and can then surf a day. For people who need to surf stick something regular, should opt for a monthly flat rate. With prepaid providers this increases generally, though enough credit is available. Otherwise, the flat rate shall automatically terminate.

Surf Stick with Contract for frequent surfers

For frequent surfers who want mobile almost daily seek and to download larger amounts of data, a Surfstick worth in combination with a term contract of six to 24 months. Vielsurfer should particularly pay attention to the restriction: Because of a certain volume of data, the browsing speed of many Mbit / s will be scaled down to a few kbit / s, so it’s over with the fast surfing experience. Who does not want to crawl at snail’s pace through the Internet, so it should be ensured that the restriction only applied for an, or better still picks up five gigabytes.

Compare Rates for Surfstick

A good overview in the tariff jungle offers a price comparison between all available providers and tariffs. Besides prepaid and flat-rate option, contract duration and speed can at the price comparison for mobile Internet also be set, which networks are to be used by the Surfstick: Vodafone, German Telekom, E-Plus or Telefónica Germany (formerly O2). Generally fall for Surfstick to time purchase costs, which are already included in the price comparison.

Internet speed with a surf stick

An attentive comparison shows that included in the tariff rates at which you can move around with a surf stick through the Internet, vary greatly. Ranging from cheap offerings with 3.6 Mbit / s to an LTE Surf Stick with up to 50 Mbit / s, anything is possible. It is important to know, however, that the details of the seller are maximum values, which can hardly be achieved with a surf stick in reality.

use the surf stick for Internet abroad

Who also go abroad with the Surfstick the Internet want, should be informed before departure about the costs. This can vary greatly depending on the tariff. Anyone who owns a surf stick, the Simlock- and Netlock-free, can get a prepaid SIM card, and low use of the local UMTS network in the holiday destination. In this way you can bypass even when traveling costly roaming charges and go on the internet with the Surfstick cost prepaid or flat-rate conditions.

How a Surfstick

A Surfstick very similar in appearance to a standard USB stick or wireless stick and also with respect to the components used are not dissimilar. Unlike a USB drive, however, is located inside a Surfstick no memory module but a small modem that connects to the mobile Internet. If you have inserted a SIM card into the surf stick, chooses this in the appropriate mobile network and enables data transfer.